The Problem With Print On Demand That The Gurus Won’t Tell You

Let’s face it: Print-on-Demand is hard.

You need to come up with new product ideas all the time…

Pay $5-$25 PER DESIGN…

Throw in a hundred dollars of more to test each design…

And if you’re lucky, one out of 10 of those campaigns will actually work and produce a couple thousand dollars for you before it dies out.

Then, it’s time to start over. AGAIN AND AGAIN.

But… why people do it then?

Well, the truth is that you can make TONS of money if you’re able to systemize the process. 

Print on Demand is a goldmine!

It’s SO much easy to become profitable with POD than with other super-hyped e-commerce models like Amazon FBA for instance.

For once, with print on demand you won’t have to upfront thousands of dollars in inventory just to test a product.

Did you know that in average only one out of 10 products tested actually sell?

With POD you can test as many products as you want, WITH ZERO INVENTORY COST.

Yup, you read that right.

That’s the entire idea behind “Print-on-Demand”: 

A product is only produced AFTER a customer has bought it…

…so all production and shipping costs are on the customer.

Also you’ll never have to carry any inventory, since the factory that produces the product will send it right to the customer’s doorstep on your behalf.

Wanna test 10 new products?

You only need come up with 10 new designs.

100 products?

You know the drill….

In print-on-demand you’re only limited to how many ideas you can convert into new designs.

1 design = 1 brand-new product in your catalog!

Using Amazon as your point of sale does have its advantages though… 

The main advantage of listing your products in Amazon is the HUGE amount of credit-card-in-hand buyers that scroll the website every single day!

This fact alone could allow you to start an e-commerce business without having to burn hundreds of dollars to test every new product with Facebook ads.

But when you have to invest a couple thousand dollars in inventory PER PRODUCT to play the game, you’ll likely end up in a hole anyway, Facebook or not Facebook…. 

To add insult to injury many Amazon sellers see their reputation ruined when complains from customers start piling up in the form of 1-3 star reviews.

Why would customers complain?

Let’s face it: in order to reduce your production costs and be competitive in the marketplace you’ll be ordering your products from China, just like everyone else.

And you know Chinese quality…

Things break out of the box, are cheap made and cheap looking… 

Certainly not the kind of product you can build a solid brand around!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could leverage Amazon’s brand recognition and huge traffic to build an e-commerce brand….


Fast shipping and superb quality go a long way with Amazon’s customers!

And that’s exactly what Print-On-Demand offers you!

Better yet: you’ll have much less competition since each one of your products will be UNIQUE!

Gone are the days of fighting listing high-jackers and people outright cloning –some call it “Private Labeling”– your product to compete with you!

Compare this to the dozens of pages of identical products you find every time you look for something like“BBQ gloves” or “Silicone Spatulas”:


There you have it: page after page of the exact same product, sourced from the exact same Chinese factories…

That’s what I call a RED OCEAN MARKET.

With print on demand though, your imagination is the limit.

Actually, if you pick the right POD product you won’t even need much imagination at all!

And don’t worry, I won’t make you pay me a couple thousand dollars to reveal what the right product is.

I will tell you right here, in this letter, and I even show you the entire process involved in producing this kind of product from A to Z, completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Why would I do that when others charge $1,997 or more for the same information?

Simple: I don’t make my money selling courses.

To be honest, I’m a pretty terrible marketer.

I’m a software engineer by profession, and an entrepreneur by choice.

I love solving problems and automating processes, and if you read this letter in its entirety you’ll find that I’ve built a software platform that you can use to automate your entire print-on-demand business, end-to-end.


If you don’t have any money, or for any other reason you don’t want to use it (even when I have an incredibly affordable special for you today) you’ll still be able to do it all manually. 

Just follow the step-by-step instructions in this video, it’s not rocket science:

Coffee Mugs? Why is that the perfect POD product?

I’m glad you asked!

Message Coffee Mugs are perfect for several reasons:

  1. It’s an impulsive purchase (less than $20)

  2. It’s a “make a statement” product. Most of us want to express ourselves and show the world what we stand for and what we’re all about.

  3. It’s a quite personal gift, since you need to know the person’s hobbies, profession or likings to pick the right message for them.

  4. Best of all: all of us have dozens of mugs laying around the house already… but we always have room for more if one cool phrase catch our eye!

  5. Message Mugs feature super-simple text-based designs that can be created in minutes in any software of your choice. You don’t need to hire a designer!

  6. You can easily find thousands of funny phrases, quotes, sayings, jokes, etc online that you can turn into Message Mugs… COPY & PASTE EASY!

But how do you convert a quote or a joke into a Message Mug and upload this mug to Amazon?

It’s WAY easier than you think!

Just follow this 5-Step Manual Mug Production Process:


The process I showed you in the video above is the exact same process covered in courses costing $300-$2,000. 

Sure, there are some other fine details covered in those courses, but the 5-step process I showed you in the video above is the entire mug production process.

I know you’re smart enough to figure out any small detail you may need along the way. A simple Google search will do most of the time.

But there is something else…

Something that the courses and the coaching programs covering this business model usually leave out…

I call it “The Volume Paradox”, and it’s the main cause why most people trying to do this fail to build a sizable income working from home…

If you’ve been involved with any kind of online business you already know what the Achilles heel of internet-based businesses is: TRAFFIC.

Most online business models you’re sold sound good on paper…

But when you try to make them work you soon discover that the gurus conveniently left the traffic part –or a vital component of it– out of the equation.

The problem is that when you account for the traffic costs…

 (there is nothing like Free Traffic out there) 

…you’ll find yourself paying more for traffic than you make as revenue 99% of the time.

That’s also the problem with 99% of the e-commerce business models out there: you’ll end up paying more for your ads than you’re making!

“But… wait a minute…”

“You said that I don’t need to pay for ads to sell in Amazon, right?”

Right… BUT

*there is always a but*

Yes, Amazon has TONS of traffic, so you only have to put your products in front of that gargantuan traffic and you’re on your way to bank, right?

Perform some SEO magic tricks here and there and… voila! 

Instant ecom millionaire!

But you know better than that!

You and I know that if it sounds to good to be true…

But what’s the catch here?

What’s the “missing piece” that the guys selling you the courses and the coaching programs are keeping under wraps?

It’s actually pretty obvious when you think about it:

Yes, Amazon’s website does have millions of visitors every single day… 

But they also have hundreds of thousands of independent vendors with literally tens of millions of products competing for the scraps!

So, how do you make sure that each one of your products will get enough traffic for you to make a living out of it?

THIS is the secret nobody wants to tell you:


Yes, you read that right:

There is NO WAY for you to guarantee that every one of your products, or even a fraction of them will ever get traffic from Amazon.

These are the hard facts.

Believe me, I know.

SEO in Amazon is NOT what all those gurus want to make you believe.

You still can get some traffic from Google these days if you’re a true SEO wizard… but it’s getting harder and harder by the day…


Forget about it!

I know that everyone and their dog has been selling you on the idea that Amazon is also a search engine… and it is.

But contrarily to search engines like Google or Bing, Amazon is a sales-weighted search engine.

And contrarily to Google, Amazon has never reported keyword traffic!

Read that again…

Obviously, “SEO optimizing” your listings when you don’t actually have data on how many searches a particular keyword receive doesn’t make a lot of sense, does it?

Yes, I know that services like Merchant Words and others are supposed to give you some estimates on keyword traffic on Amazon…

But if Amazon itself is not reporting those traffic figures…

Where do you think those keyword traffic numbers come from?

You guessed it!

They are a rough guess based on extrapolating keyword traffic figures from Google and other completely unrelated sources… 

…coupled with some “magical algorithm” of their own creation.

(Hint: When you see the word “algorithm” used in marketing materials, this is code for a “wild guess calculation”… and you know where those come from…)

If you still want to believe in all of these marketing gimmicks, be my guest.

But if you’re like me and you’re sick and tired of not being told the truth, here is the truth:

You can, and I recommend you do some pretty basic SEO optimization in your Amazon listings…

(adding your main keyword to the listing’s title should be enough)

… but you need to be aware that this won’t force Amazon to rank your listings in the top 10 results for that keyword.

As I said before, we have ZERO control over what listings Amazon’s algorithm will rank, and for how long

…since Amazon ranks listings based on SALES and, secondarily, on REVIEWS, and not based on content like Google does.

And you cannot directly influence sales if you don’t want to pay for traffic, so it’s the egg and the chicken all over again…

Or it isn’t?

Of course it wouldn’t make any sense for me to tell you all of this if I thought this is a problem with no solution.

So let’s review together what we know to be facts:

  1. Amazon has tons of traffic

  2. We don’t want to pay for ads to get traffic to our listings.

  3. With so much competition in the platform, it’s hard to divert traffic to our listings.

  4. Amazon’s ranking algorithm works nothing like Google’s. So the usual SEO optimization tricks won’t make much of a difference here.

  5. There is no way for us to ensure than a certain listing will rank in the first page of Amazon’s results for a given keyword.

  6. We don’t even know how many people could be searching for a certain keyword since Amazon had never reported this. So we’re flying blind here.

  7. The only way to influence Amazon’s ranking algorithm is by getting sales for a product, and get them within a certain timeframe.

    This is called “Sales Velocity”, and plays a huge role on Amazon’s ranking algorithm.

    Of course, this can only be done investing money in ads or other forms of product launch marketing (WHICH WE DON’T WANT TO DO!)

So, the million-dollar question is:

If we cannot control Amazon’s ranking algorithm… 


One word: VOLUME.

We can control the VOLUME of listings, this is, the VOLUME OF PRODUCTS that we put out there in a consistent basis.

It all boils down to putting the Laws of Probability to work for us: 

The most listings we have, the most likely will become that one –or several– of those listings get randomly chosen by Amazon to get featured on page one.


The One-NEW-Asset-In-4-Minutes Mindset

I have always been a big proponent of the vital importance of mindset when it comes to success.

Specifically, the importance of having the right mindset for the specific business model we want to use as a base to build a profitable business.

YES, each business model requires its own specific right mindset for it to work.

For this particular business model to work you need to embrace what I call the “One NEW Asset In 4 Minutes” mindset.

I call it that way because after some practice going through the 5-step manual product creation process that I shared with you in the video above I could finally take my average time per product down to around 4 minutes.

Now, 4 minutes per product is still a lot when your goal is to get thousands of products up in your catalog… 

And that’s why you need the right mindset, or you’ll give up way before you start seeing results with this business model.

What is the right mindset to have then?

You need to see every single product that you create not as a product, BUT AS A NEW ASSET.

Why an asset?

Because an asset, as per my favorite definition –courtesy of Robert Kiyosaki in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”– is:


Now, when it comes to online businesses…

What is it that can put money in your pocket?

If you think about it, there is only one thing: 

A payment button published somewhere online
where people can find it!

That right there is the very secret to making money online!

All the rest being equal, the more payment buttons you have out there, the most money you’ll end up making.

The problem is, of course, that you need an excuse every time you want to put a new payment button out there….

You need a new product!

You see, this is why I think this is one of the best business models out there…

If your business model were to sell video-courses for instance, it will probably take you at least several months to create a new course, including recording the videos, video editing, etc… 

And then you’ll need to spend 2-3 extra months to put together a good salesletter or, God forbids, an entire sales funnel before being able to paste in your brand-new payment button!

Now, if your business model were building and selling software solutions then tough luck… since a professionally designed and well-tested software can take years to develop!

But what about e-commerce?

E-commerce has the big advantage of not requiring you to build products from scratch on your own, but as you know it comes with its own unique challenges like high production and shipping costs, warehousing costs, product quality, shipping times, etc.

Even if you go the Amazon FBA route it would probably take anywhere between 3 to 6 months –and a 4-figure upfront investment– to get a new product in stock.

But with this business model you can get a new product –and most importantly, A NEW PAYMENT BUTTON– ready to put money in your pocket… EVERY 4 MINUTES!

That’s completely insane!

Talk about a competitive advantage!

And that’s if you do all the work manually…

But if you treasure your time as much as I do you won’t be doing this manually…

Don’t take me wrong, there is nothing wrong with building your business one product at a time…

…especially when it only takes 4 minutes per product!

But why would you invest 4 x 100 = 400 minutes, or almost 7 hours of your time to create 100 products… when you can do the same amount of work in less than 10 seconds using automation?

Think I’m kidding?

See for yourself:


Introducing Mug Samurai

This is the thing with Mug Samurai: this is NOT the typical product you’d expect to see in a JVZoo offer.

Let’s face it: most JVZoo launches involve mediocre software carelessly put together in a weekend to justify a few thousand “Lifetime Access” sales for a product that will never receive any bug fixes, support or updates of any kind.

Basically you’d be better throwing your money down the toilet or outright burning it.

How do I know this?

Because, as I said before, I’m a software engineer by trade. I know what it takes to develop and support software.

It takes MONEY.

Just keeping a software online cost money, since servers are not free. You need to pay every month just to keep the lights on.

Software engineers aren’t free either, and you’ll need to keep paying one or more of them to take care of bugs fixes and adding the new features that your customers want.

There is no way you can sell lifetime access to a piece of software unless you know in advance you won’t be supporting it.

Mug Samurai is nothing like that.

Mug Samurai is an enterprise-grade software automation platform battle-tested for more than one and a half years by real customers.

And when I say “battle-tested”, this is what I mean:

We have not only “normal” users in the platform, but we also have a small group of power-users using the software to produce and publish up to 6,000 mugs every month… EACH.

Believe me when I tell you that Mug Samurai won’t break… no matter what you throw at it!

Yes, we had had bugs…

But these are taken care of in less than 48 hours in average.

Over the last year and a half we have pushed more than 200 updates… including bug fixes and tons of new features.

This is what real software is supposed to look like!

Today, I want to give you the chance of getting your hands on the most powerful Print-On-Demand automation platform in existence, so you can turn the “Volume Paradox” on its head.

What’s the “Volume Paradox”?

It’s the reason why all of those courses that you may have taken in the past conveniently left out the fact that creating a huge number of products is the only way to put Amazon’s algorithm in your corner.

Believe me: THEY KNOW THIS.

But they cannot simply come out and tell you, because of the “Volume Paradox”

The Volume Paradox alludes to the fact that, for most people is just not possible to create the volume of products needed to start seeing steady sales from Amazon.

What that “magic number” would be?

There is not such a thing as an exact number of course since this depends on many factors…

…but after having talked personally with a handful of people running a successful Amazon based POD business the rule of thumb seems to be around 10,000 products.

Of course you might get lucky and get a few sales after publishing just a couple hundred products in Amazon, but we’re taking about getting to the point that you’re seeing steady sales, week after week, and month after month.

And that’s why I call it the “Volume Paradox”:

It’s a paradox because the main sales argument used by the gurus selling you courses and coaching programs pushing this business model is that “you don’t need to invest money in ads”

Which is true…

But that argument wouldn’t go far if they would tell you that you need to create 10,000 products to make it work, would it?

After all, creating 10,000 products would take you about 1,200 hours of labor according to most people who have done it in the past.

Can you picture yourself putting in 1,200 of labor to build your POD business?

Do you even have the time to do so? (and the PATIENCE!)

What about hiring a few VAs to do it for you?

How much money and time would that require?

And how long it would take for you to recover that investment, one mug at a time?

I know: it doesn’t make much sense when you see it from a business perspective like this. 

That’s why you’ll hear them talking about the free traffic, and the huge amount of people that visit Amazon every day…

…about the possibilities and the passive income to come…


As a software engineer one thing I understand pretty well is math.

This is the math, in plain English:

YOU NEED A WAY TO MASS PRODUCE QUALITY PRODUCTS FAST AND CHEAPLY, or this business model won’t provide you with the results you’ve been promised.

That’s why I invested almost 2 years of my life to build Mug Samurai: to make the math work for me (and for you).

With Mug Samurai you can produce as many message mugs as you want, for pennies on the dollar and at super-human speed.

Want to create 100 mugs a week?

Piece of cake.

Want to go all in and produce 100 mugs A DAY?

Easy… if you can take 20 seconds out of your day, copy and paste, and click ONE button!

Heck, one of our users published close to 8,000 mugs in her first month!

Tell me that you can do that manually!

(As a matter of fact, I doubt you could do this volume with a team of 10 outsourcers woking full time!)

But there is not need to start with thousands of mugs…

I want to give you the chance to work smart instead of working hard, and launch your Message Mug Business with the only tool that will give you a true unfair advantage in the marketplace.

No need to take my word for it.

All you need to do is to pick a package below, and see it for yourself:


Unsolicited Testimonials From Mug Samurai Users:


Q: Why don’t you have fancy graphics in this sales letter? It looks so ‘90s.

A: What can I tell you?

I’m not a graphic designer nor a professional marketer. I’m a software engineer specialized in automation software. That’s what I do.

If you want solid software you business can depend on for years to come, you’re in the right place.

If you need fancy graphics and hype, keep moving… 

Q: Is there any upsell?

A: Sure. 

You’ll have the chance to get a subscription to Mug Samurai as an upsell, in case you want to take your business to the next level.

But rest sure I won’t bullshit you with Pro or Ultimate editions. Every single feature of Mug Samurai is included in this front-end offer, so if you don’t need what’s offered in the OTOs you can safely pass on them!

Q: Is this a lifetime offer?

I can see by your question that you didn’t read this letter in full. I encourage you to do so in order to make an informed decision.

A: Short answer is NO.

I’ve never offered and will never offer Lifetime Access to my software. Only people who want to take your money and run would do that, since maintaining software is quite expensive. 

Servers cost money. Programmers in change of fixing bugs and releasing new features cost money. Support people cost money.

I hope you never fall for the trap of “Lifetime software” again…

Q: Are people selling Message Mugs on Amazon making money?

A: One great way to know for sure if people in a certain business is making money is to check how many people are indeed running such business.

We all know that income proofs are really easy to fake these days, and many unscrupulous marketers do so.

The one thing you cannot fake is real products being sold in the marketplace.

The reason why this is a better form of proof is because creating products cost money, as we saw in this letter.

They need to pay designers to create new designs and VAs to convert those designs into mugs and upload them to Amazon.

If someone is willing to invest money to put out a specific kind of product, and they keep doing so consistently, this is a distinct sign that they are making more money than they are spending.

Better yet if you can find many people running a similar business!

Remember this simple principle that make so many otherwise smart people trip: 


Pioneers are the ones who lie in the dust with the arrows on their backs.

If nobody is doing it, most of the time it doesn’t mean that you had the idea before anyone else thought of it.

Most likely there isn’t enough money to be made in that market, and that’s the real reason why there are no competitors.

But if many people are doing it, THAT’S THE MARKET YOU WANT TO BE IN!