Low Hanging System Case Study:

“100 New E-Commerce Income Streams Before Noon?”

By Leonardo Schwartz

“Are you telling me that I can add 100 new products to my portfolio… EVERY DAY?

“And it will only take 20 seconds of my time?”

The expression on his face was understandable.

It took a long journey for me to get there… but I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t skeptical about the possibility at first.

After all, before this breakthrough technology came about, it’d take me about 14 hours of solid work to do this on my own… and twice that long for my fully trained VA!

It all started back in 2016, when after several years coaching people one-on-one on how to grow their Amazon FBA business…

I found what it seemed to be the dream e-commerce business model.

A business model that pretty much anyone can start and grow to a significant revenue (does $500k in a year sound significant?)…

That doesn’t require any technical skills beyond being able to perform some Google searches and simple copy and paste operations…

That doesn’t involve buying inventory, shipping stuff from China, nor product giveaways or ads of any kind!

(YES, kiss good-by Facebook, Google and Amazon Ads for good!)

Don’t take me wrong: I’ve been and still am a strong supporter of building an e-commerce business leveraging the Amazon FBA platform.

I’ve seen so many cases of normal people with zero marketing background making a small fortune with it to ignore it.

But let’s be real: It takes quite a lot of money —and more time than you may think— to get started in a business like this.

In my career as a coach I’ve found that most people just don’t have the resources —money, time, and commitment— to make it work.

That’s why I was so excited when I found out about this new e-commerce business model!

By 2016 I’d seen enough to be completely certain that e-commerce was where the big money is.

And if you do e-commerce… you need to be on Amazon.


Check for yourself:

Amazon's annual revenue from 2004 to 2018

But it’s not only that Amazon is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the world and it’s growing like crazy every passing day…

What was a real eye-opener for me was seeing that more than 50% of those astronomical earnings come from third-party vendors just like you and me!

But how can anyone start an e-commerce business leveraging the power of the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the world…

Without having to burn through a few thousand dollars for every product test?

That was the one thing that had been bugging me for all those years… since it radically reduced the chances of success for my coaching clients.

Because, at the end of the day, no matter what product selection system or tools you use…

You will probably have to go through a dozen of products before landing your first home run.

Most of these products won’t sell at all, and 2 or 3 of them will only produce marginal sales.


There is no way around this fact, and anybody who tells you otherwise —or conveniently lets it out of their sales pitch— is going after your wallet.

The final verdict will always be on the market, and there is nothing out there that can predict how the market will react to your product once you put it out there.

So if you want to be successful in this business —and pretty much in any business— embrace yourself for a wild ride and be ready to go through a dozen products or so to find your winner.

It’s not rocket science… but you MUST go through this product testing phase.

Success in business is simpler than most marketers want you to believe.

You don’t need an MBA, expensive software tools that promise you the impossible —a sneak-peek into the future— or multiple-thousand-dollar courses or conferences to make it.

And if you’ve got some self-discipline on your own, you won’t need an expensive coach either.

The only thing that you need is to fully understand this statement:

“The more payment buttons you have out there, the more money you’ll make”.

That’s it.

All the mindset, business and marketing lessons you’ll ever need can be distilled from that simple statement.

Now you only need to put the work in…

The Hidden Problem

Unfortunately, you’ll face a problem right out of the gate to put this simple statement into practice in your business.

And this problem might get bigger —sometimes insurmountable— depending on the business model you want to pursue.

For instance, if you were to build a business around creating info-products or software, it would probably take you many months to build just a single product.

So testing a bunch of products to find the one that will give you the best ROI may turn into a nice, but impractical idea.

And building a portfolio of dozens of products would probably take you years!

That’s where e-commerce shines!

It’s not only that the market for physical products is about 49 times bigger than the market for digital products…

(yep: digital products and services still represent less than 2% of all retail sales as of 2020)

But what’s a lot more important for your success is this:

You could test a dozen products in a single month, if you so choose!

I mean, you don’t need to spend months or years creating a single product just to find out nobody wants it!

There are literally millions of physical products out there to choose from!

And that’s what makes e-commerce so powerful.

Why is everybody not making money with e-commerce then?

Awesome question!

It’s mainly because of 2 things:

  1. Undercapitalization

  2. Saturation

UNDERCAPITALIZATION simply means that most people underestimate how much money is needed to become profitable with a business model.

If you were to go for an Amazon FBA business, the number is likely around $20,000 – $30,000.


It’s just simple math: you’ll need about $2,000 to give a product a fair test in the marketplace…

And being conservative, most people —with maybe the exception of the few lucky ones—  will have to go through at least 10 products to find a winner.

SATURATION is, on the other hand, the direct result of using the same product research tools and systems that everybody else is using.

You’ll find yourself with a copycat product competing with hundreds of other listings selling the exact same thing.

Tough to differentiate yourself when you’re trying to sell the 403th version of BBQ gloves on Amazon!

Is There Any Solution To
These 2 Problems?

There certainly is, and it’s truly straightforward: Creating your own, UNIQUE products!

Of course, this is easier said than done.

Even worse: it’s not really a practical solution with most e-commerce business models out there.

To start with, forget Amazon FBA and garbage dropshipping from China!

As a matter of fact, to the best of my knowledge there is only ONE e-commerce business model that will allow you to do this… without breaking the bank.

You’ve probably heard of it: Print-On-Demand.

Now, I’m not talking about the over-saturated idea of selling t-shirts and necklaces on Facebook… NOT AT ALL!

The only reason why I bring up POD is because it’s the only e-commerce business model that will allow you to create new original products that the market has not yet seen…

And do so in days instead of months!

Print-on-demand products produced in the U.S. also solve 2 big problems that plague other popular e-commerce business models:

Namely, the crappy quality of most goods imported from China, and the awful shipping times that will quickly ruin your business’ reputation!

Now, if you think that most people don’t make any money with Print-on-demand products…

You’d be completely right!

Most people just don’t have the strategic mindset needed to really take advantage of the power that POD puts back into our hands!

They’re fighting a lost battle doing all the wrong things, in the wrong order…

Things like:

  • Using software research tools to figure out what designs will sell now…. based on what was sold IN THE PAST.

  • “Modeling”, or simply ripping-off designs that the market has already seen hundreds of times before.

  • Trying to sell POD products on Facebook IN 2020! OMG!

  • Paying $14 in ads to sell a $20 product… (how much do you think they’ll make AFTER paying for the production and shipping costs??)

Combining The Power of Amazon
With Print-On-Demand


I’m not talking about ordering a couple hundred mugs from your favorite POD provider and send them over to Amazon!

This is one of the silliest ideas you can come up with, and it doesn’t stop surprising me how many entrepreneurs fall for this.

This is what will happen:

Amazon’s FBA fees will eat up your margins to the point that you’ll find yourself having to pay money out of your pocket to subsidize every sell you make!

Fastest way to go under in this business!

To do this right you need a strategic approach.

You need to have the right product, the right pricing and margins, coupled with the right mindset to make it all work…

And stay the f**k away from Amazon FBA! (seriously!)

Let’s talk about the right product first…

You need a product that:

  • Has a MASSIVE appeal. This is, a physical product that everybody on the planet uses on a daily basis. If possible, several times a day…

  • Can be sold for a price such as that most people will add it to their cart without a second thought (hint: under $20)

  • And still provides you with healthy margins…

  • It’s NOT the kind of product that people will prefer getting from specific brands…

  • Everybody can understand the product and why they want it in a split-second glance…

  • Has NO variances —like different sizes, colors, etc

  • Does NOT require a graphic designer to create it!

  • Ideally, more and more people are looking for this product every year!

Something like this:

The clear trend for this product in Google Trends

The Perfect Print-On-Demand Product

Ready to know what such a product looks like?

Here you go:

funny coffee mugs amazon

Now, before you start speculating that a humble mug cannot really be the holy grail of e-commerce you’ve been looking for all this time…

You should know that this simple and lucrative business model was first introduced to the public back in 2016 by fellow marketer and e-commerce expert Rachel Rofe.

After playing with this idea for a good part of the year as one of her marketing experiments at the time, she was shocked by what her Amazon Seller’s dashboard showed at the end of December:

Rachel Rofe’s Amazon Earnings – December 2016

But of course, holiday sales are always exceptional.

So let’s look at a more “normal” month…

This are Rachel’s sales stats for FEB-MAR 2017:

Rachel Rofe’s Amazon Earnings – Feb-Mar 2017

Yes, ALL OF THIS MONEY was made selling dead-simple, silly coffee mugs!

That’s when she decided to make her discovery public and then went onto creating an entire coaching business around teaching what she named “The Low Hanging System”.

This was only the beginning though…

Rachel has continued growing her mug business ever since, a business that has been producing an average of $400-$500k a year for her, every year, since 2016.

The best thing about it?

90% of these earnings are PASSIVE INCOME coming from mug designs created years ago!

Rachel also opens the doors to her group coaching program called “The Low Hanging System Jumpstart” twice a year.

This training costs $1,997, and usually comes with some great bonuses that make it worth getting if you get a chance.

I personally offer what many consider to be the very best bonus for this Program, so if you’re interested in getting it at some point you should check my bonus here.

But even when these are great resources that I sincerely recommend you check out later…

There is something that I think you should know before running over there to fork almost $2k in your e-commerce education…

It’s this:

95% of people who try to grow an e-commerce business with this business model never make any money.

Yes, you read that right.

And I’m talking about the very people who invested a couple grand to get as much insight into the business model as possible!

So, why is that?

And how is it that nobody dares to mention this fact when promoting this high-ticket program?

Well, if you’ve passed your days of innocence in this industry you already know the answer to the second question…

But it’s the first one that really deserves our attention here.

However, in order to fully understand the answer and its consequences, there is something else I need to share with you first…

I call it my “MES” business formula.


I developed this business formula to teach my coaching students what I’ve seen time and time again in my entrepreneurial life, in and outside of e-commerce:

“Nothing will kill your business quicker than getting into it with the wrong Mindset and Expectations”

Because wrong mindset and wrong expectations lead to faulty plans and lousy execution every time!

And talking about business models and the right approach that each one requires from a mindset standpoint…

I like to split business models up into two main categories:

  1. Business models that require you to pay your way in (i.e: Amazon FBA), and

  2. Business models that require you to hack your way in.

And the surest way for your business to fail is to treat it as if it belonged to one category when, in fact, it’s part of the other!

That’s the reason why 95% of people that try to build an e-commerce business the “low hanging system” way necessarily fail.

The business model itself is solid, and it will continue to be for years to come, just like the hundreds of testimonials of people who made it work show.

This is an undeniable fact.

But where hundreds have seen success, many, many more have and will continue to fail…

Just because they’re approaching this business all wrong!

In case you didn’t get it yet, the “low hanging system” is the kind of business model that require you to hack your way in… rather than buying it in.

But what does that even mean?

If you remember, at the beginning of this letter I told you that when I found this business model for the first time it was a breakthrough for me and my clients.

Main reason being that this business model does not require the 2 most costly things in the e-commerce world: buying stock and paying for ads.

I 100% guarantee you that if you’re to add Facebook Ads to the equation, you’d end up paying more than you’d make with this product!


But of course, for any online business to work you’ll need traffic. Lots of it.

So… Where Does The Traffic Comes From If I’m Not Paying For Ads??

That, my friend, is the million-dollar question right there (and quite literally, by the way)!

The traffic that you need to feed your sales come from Amazon itself.

Amazon will gladly send thousands of visitors to your products listings for free out of the goodness of their heart!

YES, I’m being ironic of course!

But you’d be shocked by how many people actually believe this!

So it’s not that surprising after all that so many people fail at making money with this business model, is it?

And let me be clear: we’re in front of a real catch 22 here!

On one side, the product sells really well because it’s an impulsive purchase (under $20).

But margins are so thin that trying to push any particular product with ads will push you right down to the red zone!

But of course, free traffic is a myth.

So… how are you supposed to get “free traffic” from Amazon then?

Is that even possible?

In fact, it is.

But only if you hack your way into it!

You see, it still is possible to get free traffic from Amazon, just like it still is possible to get free traffic from Google.

But of course, it’s a heck of a lot more difficult to do so in 2020 than it was back in 2010 or even in 2016.

It certainly won’t come on its own; you need to play the “algorithm game”.

And you need to win at it!

After all, Amazon is nothing but a search engine, much like Google or Youtube.

And just like when you want to rank high in Google or YouTube…

You must put LOTS OF CONTENT out there in order to “convince” the ranking algorithm that you’re a TRUSTED SOURCE first, for it to start sending more free eyeballs your way.

But of course, when it comes to Amazon, the content you need to feed the search engine algorithm with are not articles, or videos…. BUT PRODUCTS!

Are you seeing where I’m going here?

Yes, you want to SEO optimize your listings’ titles and use the right keywords and what not…

But VOLUME is 90% of the battle in this game!

That’s the very reason why most people, people putting maybe 200 or 300 products up on Amazon every month, are condemned to see zero results!

Don’t take me wrong: when I said before that most people never make any money, I’m talking about anything substantial, of course.

Most people will most likely see one sale here and there…

But do you seriously think that selling maybe 10 mugs a month will make any difference in your current lifestyle?

Certainly not.

You’ll still have to get up early in the morning, go through the hell of commuting back and forth —if you even have the luxury of a job to go back to— …

And put your dreams of freedom on the back burner. Again.

So… How Did The Successful
People Do It?

Simple: publishing a truckload of mugs in Amazon every month during their first year in business, just as Rachel did!

How much are we talking about here?

Since I’ve been involved with this business since 2016, I asked this very question to every single successful person I found in the business.

Not surprisingly, the answers have always been quite similar.

I’ll summarize my own experience, and that of every person that has built a successful business with this business model like this:

“You need to have at least 2,000 mugs for sale in Amazon to start seeing some sales. And steady sales only come after you have an inventory of 10,000+ mugs.”

Quite a lot, huh?

But even Rachel clearly said in the original course that she only started seeing sales after she had something like 2,200 mugs up in Amazon…

And she has always emphasized the fact that the more products you have in Amazon, the more the algorithm will favor you, and the more traffic —and sales— it’ll send your way.

It’s only the TRUST FACTOR I told you about before at work.

This “Trust Factor” is at the very core of any search engine algorithm today, no matter if it’s Amazon’s, Google’s, or anything in between.


Why then most people don’t focus on putting out there the volume of products they need to succeed?

THAT is an amazing question!

I see that you are getting it now…

Unfortunately, most people in this business DON’T.

Remember I told you before that nothing will kill a business quicker than the wrong mindset and the wrong expectations?

There you have a prime example of that!

For some reason most people in our industry —and probably in our 21st century world, sadly— have grown to expect that getting something for nothing is normal.

Let me tell you: it’s not.

The world doesn’t work like that. It never did.

In business terms, this means that you either put in the money, or you put in the time.

You either pay for ads…

Or you feed the algorithm with enough volume of products to tilt the balance a bit in your favor…

You cannot have it both ways!

So that’s the first problem: getting into the business with the wrong mindset, and thus the wrong expectations, plans and execution.

The second problem, on the other hand…

The problem I personally invested most of 2019 to solve for me and a handful of my clients is what I’d call a “math problem”.

A Math Problem?


You see, I never had the wrong mindset problem I described above…

Not in this business, at least.

Probably because I was coming from a background in Search Engine Optimization that helped me to build a deep understanding of what it takes to get the favor of a search engine.

I even created my own training to help people getting started in this business to get an advantage when it comes to “Amazon SEO”.

But still, my own “low hanging system” amazon business was facing a different kind of problem that was preventing it from growing:

I simply didn’t have enough hours in my day to create and publish the thousands of mugs I knew I needed to put out there every single month in order to succeed!

To be fair, it wasn’t long before I figured out that in order to build a dependable business with this particular business model…

I needed to commit the resources required to publish about 2,000 new mugs every month during my first 6 months in business.

To this date, this is the very same formula I’ve always recommended to anyone who ask me about this business model.

If you cannot commit 6 months to grow your business… you should look elsewhere.

(As a side note though, experience has taught me that it’s really hard to build ANY business without committing to it for at least 6 months to a year)

Stick to this simple business plan and you’ll see the magic happen…

After 6 months of consistent —and hard work, I won’t lie to you— Amazon’s search algorithm will take over… and you’ll have achieved the holy grail of e-commerce:

A business that produces passive-income for you month in and month out… with ZERO ad costs and ZERO inventory costs!

Even better: a business that’s run in complete autopilot!

But even with this incredible goal as my target, the problem remained:

How could I possibly produce 2,000 new mugs every single month?

The math just wasn’t on my side…

As a matter of fact, I had clocked myself while going through the process of creating a new mug from scratch…

From copying and pasting the phrase into a graphic design software —I used PicMonkey back then since it’s super simple to use—….

Splitting the phrase into several lines according to its length, and changing the text size to fit it nicely into my squared design area…

Exporting the file as a transparent .png…

Uploading the image to the online designer of my POD supplier, and going through the half-a-dozen steps needed to convert my design into a mug ready to sell.

After several months of practice, I was able to go through the entire process in about 7 minutes.

Now, having a complete unique physical product ready to make sales in 7 minutes was a dream come true for me, when compared with the Amazon FBA business I was used to.

But even when 7 minutes might feel like an insignificant amount of time to add a new product to your portfolio —and it really is

How long would it take me to create even 100 products at that pace?

10 hours?

The reality was, of course, quite less flattering.

As I’m not a machine, I found that I needed to take several breaks along the way, since after just a couple hours at it….

I would start making stupid mistakes just because my brain was fried!

So reality looked more like 13-14 hours to create only 100 mugs!

I recently had a conversation about this with a lady that has more than 14,000 mugs up in Amazon.

She has been doing this for the past 4 years, and she told me that it takes her not 10, not 14… but 16 hours of solid work to create and publish 100 new mugs.

16 freaking hours!

At that pace, publishing 2,000 mugs every month would take 320 hours of labor!

Do you understand now why I said before that math is not on our side?

That’s the main reason why most people don’t see any success in this business, even if they try hard.

Either they approach the whole thing with the wrong mindset, and thus the wrong strategies…

Or they hit a wall when trying to publish the necessary volume of products to make it work!

Understandably, most end up doing whatever they can with the resources they have… what usually means adding only a few hundred new mug designs to Amazon every month at best…

And starve for results, while the promised sales never come.

But once in a while, someone decide to take the bull by the horns and treat it as a business:

Upfront the investment needed to hire 4-5 outsourcers and push it through until they get the thousands of products needed to start seeing steady sales from Amazon.

That’s how you can “pay your way in” in this business.

It’s not pretty, nor simple, nor cheap, but it works.

I confess that I tried this approach myself.

But I never went pass my first VA.

It took him one month and a half to produce a paltry 700 designs!

But that’s not even the worst part…

The worst part is that I had to scratch 30% of them due to broken English titles and designs!

(and this was a professional with a university degree that has sworn to me that his command of the English language was great!)

There was only one possible solution if I wanted to make this business work for me and my clients…

It was going to involve a LOT of work, and quite some investment on my part, but it became as clear as day to me at this point that there wasn’t any other way…

(other that blowing thousands upon thousands of dollars on incompetent VAs, of course)


How I Switched Career Paths To Become
A Full-Time Software Engineer

I was obsessed for a solution.

So obsessed that I decided to put aside a 15-year career as a marketing consultant to focus 100% of my time into brushing up my long-forgotten software engineering skills…

Get up to speed with the best technologies for the job…

And write line by line the breakthrough software platform that I so desperately needed for myself and my clients.

It wasn’t easy, of course.

It took me a full 6 months from the initial idea to the prototype, and then another 5 months of beta-testing to iron any bug out and make the platform stable and reliable.

I called it Mug Samurai, and here you can see it in action:

Mug Samurai automates the entire Low Hanging system process, from end to end

Now designing and publishing 2,000 mugs every month has become not only possible, but trivial.

At least, for the few e-commerce entrepreneurs that have gained access to Mug Samurai’s breakthrough technology.

This is what some of our users have to say about the platform, and how it’s helping them to grow their Amazon business:

The ones above are screenshots of real feedback posted in our private Mug Samurai Founders FB group, by the way.

These are not “made for marketing” testimonials (I personally hate those!)

Now It’s Your Time…

I’ve decided to seat for several hours in front of my computer today to write this personal letter to you because after all the work that has been done…

I want to put this unfair advantage in your hands.


No more need for outsourcers, expensive coaching programs, nor slaving you away to your computer 12 hours a day for the next year or so.

The only thing that you need to create and publish 100 new mugs every day before noon is to login to your Mug Samurai account…

Head over to the “New Project” screen…

Name your project…

Copy 100 phrases from your phrase file into the phrases box…

And click the button “Schedule Project”.

That’s all there is to it!

A 20-second drill for you…

And in a couple hours you’ll find your new 100 mugs already published in your GearBubble account (the POD service you’ll be using to produce and dropship your mugs).

I know that all that sounds impossible… like magic. BUT IT’S NOT.

IT’S TECHNOLOGY (and LOTS of hard work to make it possible for you).

From now on, your only work in this business will be researching and coming up with good quality phrases —funny phrases are my favorite!— to create mugs for.

The rest Mug Samurai will do it for you!

It will create the designs, upload them to GearBubble, set titles, tags, and everything else required to get your new mugs published and ready to make sales.

Once your project is finished, Mug Samurai will provide you with the direct link to each one of your mug listings at GearBubble.com.

These listings are fully-functional sales pages from where people can buy your mugs online (each mug will have its own page and associated shopping cart).

And of course, you will be able push these designs with the click of a button from GearBubble to Amazon…

And also to Ebay, Etsy or your own Shopify store if you so decide in the future!

GearBubble is the only print-on-demand company in the industry that provides you with a two-way direct integration with all of these marketplaces, and that’s why I picked them to start with.

Opening a GearBubble account is completely free…

And the Amazon integration that will allow you to push all of your products over to Amazon at the click of a button is incredibly inexpensive.

You don’t need to pay for this integration to run the business of course; you can always publish your mugs to Amazon manually.

But the great thing about the integration, and the reason why I always recommend using it, is that it will also fully automate the fulfillment of all your mug orders from Amazon!

It’ll pick up all orders from your Amazon account once a day, produce the mugs, and send them directly to your customers’ door on your behalf…. All without your intervention!

Now, you don’t need to use Amazon at all to sell your mugs…

You can sell them directly on GearBubble’s own marketplace, where Mug Samurai has conveniently published them for you already.

But if you’ve been following my explanations in this letter, you’ll probably want to leverage Amazon traffic at some point…

And it’s good to know that you will be able to when you’re ready, isn’t it?

As you can see, in between Mug Samurai and GearBubble you’ll have everything you need to automate the whole business, from end to end.

(This is, from design to publishing, to taking payments, to automatic fulfillment of all orders! I doesn’t get better than that!)

Your only task is, once again, the most gratifying and fun one: coming up with new phrase ideas for your mug designs!

This is something I didn’t want to automate, because this is where your “human eye” can make a world of difference.

And now that you have all the time in the world, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to select the phrases for your mugs by yourself.

But don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to “collect” 100 quality phrases in less than an hour….

For that, you only need Google and a handful of highly effective “templated searches” I developed for my own business over the years.

I’ll also show you how you can you outsource this task for cheap if you want a complete hand-off business!

(my VA currently charges me $80 for 1,000 raw phrases!)

How Do I Get In?

I have a couple options for you, depending on what stage of the business you’re currently in.

If you’ve never heard of this business model before reading this letter, you should join my 4-week “Amazon Mug Business Mastermind” program.

As the name suggest, this is a group coaching program where I teach you step by step the business, the mindset and the strategies…

That will allow you to grow a passive income producing mug business leveraging the power of MugSamurai, GearBubble and Amazon.

This is our Schedule:

Week 1 – The Big Picture:

  • How this business actually works.
  • The right mindset and the right expectations.
  • The psychology behind “ugly mugs”.
  • The plan of attack.

Week 2 – Phrase Research:

  • The most effective research techniques to uncover great phrases.
  • Best niches to target.
  • How to make sure you avoid copyrighted phrases.
  • Simple and quick edit techniques to make them your own for more unique products.

Week 3 – Amazon SEO:

  • What matters and what doesn’t to rank this type of product in Amazon.
  • Titles and keywords, and their relative weight in Amazon’s search algorithm.
  • How to craft effective SEO titles for your products —without sounding weird to you buyers and hurting conversions!

Week 4 – Making the most out of Mug Samurai’s breakthrough technology:

  • The simple workflow to publish 2,000 mugs a month with Mug Samurai.
  • Publishing Templates and how to use them to optimize your Amazon’s titles and keywords.
  • How to convert 100 phrases in a whopping 1,200 designs… with ZERO extra work on your part!

Week 5 (bonus) – GearBubble-Amazon Integration:

  • How the GearBubble-Amazon integration works.
  • Requirements and integration process walkthrough.
  • Do you really need it? WHERE and WHEN to get it.

Additionally, you’ll get lifetime access to our Underground Mastermind Community on Facebook….

This will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can get your questions answered whenever you need it …

Share your triumphs along the way and see what other entrepreneurs just like you are doing to grow their Amazon businesses with Mug Samurai.

The price of this program is only $1,997, and on top of the training and the ongoing access to our Mastermind Community…

You’ll also get 6 MONTHS OF ACCESS Mug Samurai in our mid-tier plan (Sensei Plan)!

As you can see here, the price of our “Sensei” plan is $199/mo.

This plan gives you the ability to design AND publish 1,000 mugs every month in complete autopilot.

As you can see, this bonus is worth $1,194 all on its own!

I highly recommend this option since it comes with everything you could ever need to be successful in this business: the training, the tools, the mindset, the insights… EVERYTHING.

You can pick it up here

Now, if you have already invested in Rachel’s training or coaching program and feel you have all the training that you need to succeed, then you can go ahead and pick up only Mug Samurai.

A few words of warning though:

You need to know that I made a commitment to keep our membership limited to a maximum of 200 members at any point in time.

I built Mug Samurai to give myself an unfair advantage in the marketplace to start with, and even when I decided later to share it with a handful of smart entrepreneurs…

I’m not willing to saturate the market letting too many people in… just to ruin the business opportunity for all of us.

Doing so doesn’t make any business sense to me.

I’m telling you this because you need to know that I won’t be doing a public launch for MS anytime soon…

And your ability to secure access to the platform exclusively depends on whether we still have some free seats available or not when you decide to join.

With that being said, you can always try to get a subscription here

But wait!

if you’re reading this letter, I have a much better deal for you:

Pick an annual subscription to any of our plans here

When you use the special link above, a discount coupon will be automatically applied to your order slashing the price by a full 25%!

Why did I decide to give you such a big break when you subscribe to any of our annual plans?

Simple: I know for a fact that you’ll need to commit to your business plan for at least 6 months to see any measurable results.

Giving any business a fair try requires not less than one year of focused effort.

If you’re not willing to commit to the business for that period of time, I honestly recommend you save your time and your money…

… since it’s really unlikely you’ll see the results you’re hoping for, not only with this business model but with ANY.

However, if you’re ready to commit to your success, I’m more than happy to support you in the journey with a full 25% discount!

(A discount that you’ll be able to keep past your first-year mark if you want to, for as long as you keep your Mug Samurai’s membership active!)

So there you have it.

Whoever you are, and whatever stage of the business you’re currently in, Mug Samurai will help you achieve your monetary goals with this exceptional e-commerce business model.

You now understand that VOLUME is the missing piece to make this business model work.

And Mug Samurai is the only platform in existence that will make possible for you to produce the volume of products that you need to grow your business in the next 6 months.

I hope that reading this letter have been an enlightening experience for you.

I put all I got in it to make it worth your time and, hopefully, help you bring to life your dream business.

Only one thing left:


To your success,

P.S. Good marketing practices dictate that I should add a post scriptum here, but to be sincere, I don’t have anything else to say.

Pick the option that makes the most sense to your situation above!

P.P.S. By the way, if you’re wondering what is included with which Mug Samurai plan, you can always check our pricing page here

And of course, feel free to contact me directly if you have any question. This is my personal FB messenger.


Last month I pushed a HUGE MS update that multiplies its income producing power… TIMES 12!

Mug Samurai now supports all the mug styles and mug colors that GearBubble currently carries in their inventory —12 combinations in total.

What does this mean FOR YOU?

Simply that now you take as little as 100 original phrases… and let Mug Samurai transform them into 1,200 high-quality mugs at a click of a button!

See it in action for yourself:

Mug Samurai now supports all mug styles and mug colors carried by GearBubble!


On June we pushed another HUGE upgrade to make Mug Samurai even more powerful, especially if you’re selling your mugs on Etsy, your Shopify store or your own website!

Enter Font Faces and UNLIMITED FONT COLORS… coupled with our new Style Lab and the new Project’s Advanced Mode!

See it all at work in this video


A few BIG new features came to Mug Samurai and the new Apparel Samurai this month, including custom Descriptions for all your listings, the ability to pause & resume publishing to GearBubble, the ability to include your main keyword automatically in every listing’s title and description… and more.

I give you a complete walkthrough over all of these new features in this Facebook live here


Over that last few months we have added to many new features to Mug Samurai, that it was impossible for me to catch up creating training for these features.

I finally sat down last week and faced the daunting task of creating a full walk-through covering ALL current features of Mug Samurai, including the new features that were never demoed before like:

– The new Quote Designer
– Design Only Mode
– How To Stop & Resume Projects
– The all new manual line splitting feature
– and much more…

I have to warn you: this is a 3-hour video!

But if you want to take your print-on-demand business to the next level at the speed of light, and leave all your competition biting the dust and wondering if you have superpowers or what…

I highly recommend you get a good cup of coffee or tea, get yourself comfortable, AND GO THROUGH THE ENTIRE THING HERE:


What Mastermind members are saying about our training and POD automation tools: