Amazing Selling Machine 12 Bonus – Let Me Hedge Your ASM 12 Investment!

If you’re reading this, you likely know what ASM 12 is why should you get it. (you can get Amazing Selling Machine 12 at the best price here).

And you probably got tons of emails from affiliates pushing their affiliate links with a package of random bonuses.

This is why the bonus package I put together is different:


But as I’ve been a ASM member since 2013 I also know that it’s the best training that money can pay if you want to build a successful Amazon FBA business.

So, in my mind, there is only one question worth answering:

How can you hedge your investment in the program by giving yourself the best chances of success with your first product?

This is the question that kept me awake for a few nights, when putting together this bonus package.

That’s why you won’t find any crappy PLR product in it, nor extra courses to take your attention away from the only training that will make you money in Amazon (this is, your ASM 12 coaching calls).

Instead, I decided to provide your with a selection of expert services -services that amount to thousands of dollars if you’re to pay for them- highly focused in one and one one thing:

Make your very first product launch a success.

Because, at the end of the day, that’s all you need.

So let’s get down to business, shall we?

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus – THE BUSINESS FOUNDATION

ASM 12 BONUS #1 – Amazon Business Mindset Training

I know this doesn’t sound as exciting as all of those shiny objects out there, but this is the one thing that will make or break your Amazon business.

Every business model has a specific mindset that goes with it, and building a business leveraging ASM and Amazon FBA is no different.

You need to think about things in the right way, and have the correct expectations behind everything you do in this business to become successful as quick as possible.

Nobody covers this crucial piece of the success puzzle –not even ASM 12– and that’s why I decided to provide you with a live coaching call on this myself.

ASM 12 BONUS #2 – Negotiation With The Chinese

You already know by now that a key element of this business model is being able to get the right supplier for your products.

And of course, if you want to have the kind of margins that successful ASM suggest -30%-50%- you will need to source your product from Chinese factories.

Now, this is what nobody else is telling you:

Chinese culture is very different to our occidental culture.

And, especially, the rules of engagement of negotiation are SO different that you’re bound to make costly mistakes during your fist few years in the business!

Let me clarify this with an example from my own experience:

The first time that I tried to source a product from a Chinese supplier I wasted not 1, not 2…

But 6 MONTHS before figuring out that this supplier just didn’t want to do business with me!

Can you imagine how disheartening was for me having been negotiating the terms of the deal, getting samples shipped, etc –and fighting with the time difference, broken english of the supplier, etc– just to find out that AFTER 6 MONTHS?

Why didn’t he tell me right out of the gate?

All comes down to one thing: general and business specific cultural differences.

After that happened to me I made my mission to learn everything I possibly could about the Chinese business and negotiation culture.

And that made a world of difference for me and my coaching clients!

So I decided that if I’m going to make you successful quick, YOU MUST LEARN the Chinese negotiation rules of engagement. And this is what this bonus is all about.

I didn’t decide yet if this will be delivered as a live training, or I’ll record a series of videos for you covering every important aspect of negotiating with the Chinese.

But you can be sure I’ll do it in the way that’s more useful FOR YOU.

ASM 12 BONUS #3 – My Supplier Negotiation Templates

Knowing hoe to conduct yourself when negotiating with Chinese suppliers is key.

But what about having at your fingertips the exact email templates I use in every phase of the negotiation process…

…from the first contact to the time you get your first product ship to Amazon?

Talk about an unfair advantage!

And this is exactly what I’m going to give you with this bonus… along with the free software I use to automate the whole process so that you can contact 10x more supplier than your competitors!

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus – THE PRODUCT SOURCING

ASM 12 BONUS #4 – Product Selection Consultation

After your mindset, picking the right product is the most important thing when it comes to this business.

And as I want you to be successful, I decided to add as a bonus something I never have done before outside of my one-on-one coaching clients: I’ll be there for you in case you want to run your product ideas by me, and will help you set your mind on a the product with the best chances of success.

Impossible to put a price to this bonus, and you won’t be able to get anything close to this anywhere else!

ASM 12 BONUS #5 – Negotiation Advisor

With my “Negotiating with the Chinese” training, coupled with my personal negotiation templates you should be good.

But for your piece of mind -and because I don’t want you to get stuck for months negotiating your first product shipping, as it happened to me!- I will provide you with something I never provided anyone, not even my one-on-one coaching clients:

I’ll jump into the negotiation on your behalf at any point, if you feel things are going out of control.

Yes, you read that right: I’ll be there if you need me during the negotiation process.

Of course, I won’t do the job for you (you need to learn how to do it yourself if you want to be successful in this business) but if you feel you might be missing something or that the negotiation is going nowhere… let me handle it for you.


As this bonus involves my personal time –consider I usually charge $500/hr for consultation– I MUST limit this bonus to only the first 10 people that join ASM 12 through my affiliate link.

Hope you understand.

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus – THE PRODUCT LAUNCH

ASM 12 BONUS #6 – 2 Expert-Written Press Releases To Launch Your Brand

What do real business do when they start business?

The write a press release to make the world know!

And what do they do when they launch a new product?

You guessed it! They do another press release!

Now, I know that you probably can get a decent press release written for anywhere in between $50-$150…

But beyond saving you a few hundred dollars, there is something that I can do with these PRs that 99% of writers cannot:

I’ll use them to rank your brand name and product name up in Google and other search engines!

I used to run a SEO agency -you probably can still find some of my SEO articles online- and PRs always were some of my favorites SEO secret weapons.

You know why?

Because they are just so damn natural!

And Google LOVES natural!

Any REAL business will do a Press Release anytime they do… well… ANYTHING.

That’s why PRs are so powerful, not only for rankings, but specially for CONVERSIONS.

And in this bonus I will personally do the SEO research and write 2 Press Releases for your business: One t launch your BRAND, and the second one to launch YOUR FIRST PRODUCT.

This way, when someone finds about your brand or products for the first time and perform that Google search -remember that studies say that 85% of people google a product before buying!- YOU’LL BE THERE, with the authority that any real company needs to have!

This is INVALUABLE and it will effect your bottomline in more way that we can imagine.

ASM 12 BONUS #7 – Professional PR Distribution

There is a specific way of writing a PR if you want the branding and conversion benefits I told you about above.

But you’re covered with that.

However, the best PR in the world won’t help you if you don’t get good PR distribution.

And distribution is where PRs become so damn expensive!

A quick research will show you that some decent distribution for your press release will cost you anywhere in between $400 to up to $1,500!

And if you go with the wrong provider you might find that you’re overcharged for a mediocre distribution network and your PR is nowhere to be found (been there!)

But worry not: I’ve made the research and the costly mistakes, so you don’t have to.

I’ll take care of the distribution o both press releases for you at my owe cost, suing the exact same agency I use for all of my press releases.

ASM 12 BONUS #7 – As Seen On (***INVALUABLE!***)

This is a conversion trick that I’ve using for years, and has put more money in my pocket that any other single hack I’ve ever done!

Have you seen those “As Seen On” images featuring some of the most recognizable news brands out there?

They look something like this (yes, that’s ME):

Back in the day, when I was still running my marketing agency, I used to charge $500 to individuals, and up to $5,000 to companies, to get them the legal right to use these media logos in all their marketing campaigns.

And that was a great deal, since as I said before, the amount of business that came my way jumped to the stratosphere since the moment I added those logos to my picture above.

There is just no better conversion tool than associating yourself with recognizable brands and celebrities!

But guess what?

I’ll get you the rights to use media logos alongside with both your brand and your first product… FREE OF CHARGE!

ASM 12 BONUS #8 – Amazon Listing Rank & Conversion Optimization

I cannot even start telling you what the 3 bonuses above will do for your brand authority and conversions!

And even when these services are not directly focused on rankings, you will end up getting some Google ranking for your brand and products in Google and Bing… since the media websites we’ll get your PRs published too have HUGE authority in Google’s eyes.

But not only your PR will rank.

It’s highly likely that your Amazon Product listing page itself will end up ranking in Google for a bunch of long-tail keywords too… since we will be pointing all of these authority backlinks to it.

But in order to supercharge these ranking we need to optimize your Amazon Listings in a very specific way.

Not only that, but you also need to optimize your Amazon Product Listing page for the only thing that matters: converting lookers into buyers.

As you can imagine, this involves a delicate balance: if you over-optimize for rankings you may hurt your conversions…

But if you don’t get certain key elements in your listing page, you may as well become invisible in the marketplace!

Because of all of this I decided to add this bonus.

This is how it’s going to work: once that you have your product listed in Amazon and ready to make sales you’ll shoot me a message and Ill take care of the rest.

I’ll subtly rewrite your product’s title and description to turbo-charge your raking efforts, add the most relevant keywords to the backend… and even advice you on the kind of pictures you need to add to your listing to convert the most.


Amazing Selling Machine Bonus – THE RANKING HACK


This is something that I was a little hesitant to share…

But it I want to put all the best chances of success in your hands, I just CAN’T keep this one to myself.

I cannot reveal the secret sauce in public of course… but this is the 10,000-feet view:

Amazon itself is not other thing but a Search Engine.

But a very particular kind of search engine, since a big part of it’s ranking algorithm is based upon SALES, not content.

But of course, as a search engine, it needs to give keywords a certain weight in order to be able to push the most relevant results up in the Search Results Page (SERP) when someone performs a search for a certain product in

Taking in consideration all the known factors that Amazon uses to compute individual product pages’ rankings to match the keywords used in the search box…

…and leveraging Amazon’s coupon codes in conjunction with my own keyword research method…

…I have built a secret “rankings hack” funnel that will help you push your product’s rankings in Amazon’s SERP like anything you’ve seen!

As a bonus for your Amazing Selling Machine 12 purchase I’ll give you access to this secret funnels and train you on how to use it effectively.

NOTE: This one is only available for the first 15 people that join ASM 12 through my affiliate link. This secret funnel is one of the unfair advantages that I need to reserve for my one-on-one coaching clients!

Amazing Selling Machine Bonus – THE LIST-BUILDING HACK


Amazon FBA is beyond a doubt the best way to launch an e-commerce business in 2020.

And you made the right decision when investing in ASM 12, since this program has the most proven track record, with literally thousands of people who built an Amazon business starting with a few hundred dollars…

and grew them to $50,000, $100,000 and even millions of dollars a month in revenue.

You will never be able to do this without Amazon, we both know that.

But as good as Amazon is as your way to build a potentially multi-million dollar-business, it comes with a drawback.


I doesn’t matter how much money you’re making… you’re only building your business in Amazon’s backyard.

What does this mean?

That even if you’re selling $1,000,000 worth of product in Amazon every month… you still won’t have ONE SINGLE CUSTOMER of your own!


It’s Amazon’s customers that you’re selling too, not your own.

And no matter how much money you produce for Amazon, THEY WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU TO CONTACT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

Yes, you read that right: you won’t get the contact details of any customer you sell to in Amazon, and whatever you do to try to work around this limitation will only put you at odds with Amazon and jeopardize your Amazon Seller account!

So… how are you supposed to build a business?

What happens if Amazon decides to ban you from selling in the platform at some point in the future for some random -and undisclosed- reason (YES, THAT DOES HAPPEN)? Where you business go then?

You know the answers to these questions, of course: If you don’t have a list, you don’t have a business.

Fortunately for you, I found a way that’s completely within Amazon’s TOS so you won’t be risking your Amazon business doing this.

The beauty of this?

You’ll start building your customer list FROM DAY ONE.

So whatever happens down the road, your business fate won’t be in the hands of a faceless capricious multi-billion-dollar company that couldn’t care less about your family’s future.

And you’ll sleep better at night…


Amazing Selling Machine Bonus – THE 3,000 PRODUCTS HACK


First of all let me make it 100% clear that this bonus will be only available for the first 10 people who order ASM 12 through my affiliate link.

This bonus alone has a real world value of $900 if you’re to pay for these credits at!

Now let me tell you why I decided to add this bonus…

As I told you at the beginning, my goal here is to hedge your investment in ASM 12, since I do understand that it is a lot of money that you’re putting on the line.

Again, based in my own experience and that of thousands of other that hav gone through the program I think it’s completely worth it.

But it wouldn’t be great if it were a way for you to hedge your bets by adding more products to your Amazon’s inventory WHILE you work your way through the ASM program….

…find and negotiate with your suppliers, and finally get your first ASM-style product ready for sale?

Of course, you’re probably thinking that you won’t have time to do 2 things at once, and I’m there with you…

But what id I told you that you can easily add 100 new products to your Amazon inventory -individual products for sale, NOT units- EVERY SINGLE DAY??

And what if I told you that it will hardly take you 5 minutes of your time to do so???

If you feel a little skeptical now, I get you. I’d be too.

But everything I told you above is 100% true.

How is it possible?

Just let me tell you this: I worked my *ss off for almost an entire year to make it possible… with the help of the most advanced automation technology in existence.

You can read the full story here in case you’r interested.

But this is all you need to know: I build this software platform -Mug Samurai- to solve my own problem taking 16hrs of work down to… 30 seconds!

And using this unique technology you’ll be able to build an Amazon “side business” producing high-demand simple products IN COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

3,000 NEW PRODUCTS, to be exact.

And don’t worry: the software is dead-simple to use, and I’ll prove you with all the training that you might need.

As a matter of fact… let me post that training here and now, so you see with your eyes how simple this actually is!

Selling Mugs on Amazon For Passive Income – All DESIGN & PUBLISHING WORK AUTOMATED BY MUGSAMURAI

Don’t get confused with that GearBubble thing. That’s just the name of the Print-on-Demand company that will print your mugs and ship them to your Amazon customers.

You don’t inventory for this business model, so there is no extra inventory to invest in. You’re customers buy the product FIRST on Amazon, and only then you get it product and shipped.

Oh, and you can even automate the fulfillment part if you so choose!

This is a complete hands-off (and potentially really profitable business, as I explain here) and that’s why I decided to put it in your hands FOR FREE (at least, if you’re one of the first 10 people, that’s it).

The Best Amazing Selling Machine 12 Bonus You’ll Ever Find

There you have it.

I’m sure you now agree with me that this is the most useful package of professional business services that you can get to ensure the success of your new Amazon FBA business.

I put a lot of thought into assembling this ASM 12 Bonus Package for you, because I wanted to make sure that everything that’s included is going to have A MEASURABLE IMPACT in your Amazon business and your success.

YOU DON’T NEED extra courses or unrelated resources that will only sabotage your chances of success by taking away the time and focus you need to invest in your business.

That’s why I only included training in this bonus package when such a training was CRUCIAL for your success –like the Business Mindset and Negotiation With The Chinese training- but even in those cases I made sure that the training is concise and 100% relevant to building your amazon business!

The rest is, as you see, a selection of the specific professional services, tools and advice that will make. a difference at every step of the process.


In order to secure your bonus package, make sure of following the next steps:

  1. Clear all cookies in your browser or use a browser you don’t usually use (for instance, if you always use Chrome, open up Safari or Firefox).

    This step is needed to ensure that I’ll receive credit for your purchase, so that you can get my bonus.

    If you don’t know how to clear cookies in your browser, you can follow the for your particular web browser on this page.

  2. Click this affiliate link, and you’ll be redirected to the ASM 12 order page.

  3. Make sure to complete your order right away.

    If you have to stop midway for any reason and come back to complete your order later, MAKE SURE TO START OVER FROM POINT #1 ABOVE, especially if you’re using a different browser or device.

  4. Let me know right away that you ordered through my affiliate link, so that I can verify your purchase and add you to my list to deliver the different component of my bonus to you.

    You can contact me at any time to [email protected]

That’s it!

If you have any questions at all about my bonus package, or about ASM, feel free to contact me right away using my email above or to my FB messenger here.

I’m a real person and I’ll be glad to answer any questions that you might have.

To Your Business and Life success,

Leonardo Schwartz

Update: Here’s a video review on my ASM 12 Bonus Package:

My Amazing Selling Machine 12 Bonus Package: The Best Out There? My Personal Walkthrough!